Jennifer & Thomas’s Wedding Photography

WHO: Jennifer & Thomas | WHERE: Leigh Park Hotel  | SEASON: Spring

I joined Jen in the morning at Leigh Park to photograph her bridal preparations. Jen and her bridesmaids were in a beautiful sunlit room with a four poster bed and a very naughty flower girl. Jen was remarkably calm and by the 4 empty champagne bottles that were on the side I wasn’t surprised (jokes). Jen and her bridesmaids were having such a wonderful morning together and were way ahead of time which as you can imagine is pretty unusual for most weddings!

Jen’s dress was a beautiful lace design with a long train and beautiful button detail on the back. She really looked fabulous! We took a few snaps before the bridal party left for the church with a very excited Jen in the lead.

Tom was busy meeting and greeting at the church when I arrived and everything was looking fantastic ready for Easter the same weekend. This was a couple who had been together for about 10 years already so that may explain the lack of nervousness. Jen arrived shortly after her bridesmaids and made her way towards the church in Bradford on Avon.

The ceremony itself was a traditional church of England affair but with a very relaxed atmosphere, the couple had arranged a few readings from close family as well as a professional opera singer who performed during the signing of the register (it’s nice to have the right connections).

The reception itself was really lovely, the sun came out for a few couples photos and Jen and Tom drank bubbles and caught up with family and friends in the grounds of Leigh Park.

The whole day felt so relaxed and fun. It simply was one of the most lovely groups of people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting having a wonderful time!

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Rebecca & Mark’s Wedding Photography

WHO: Rebecca & Mark | WHERE: Thornbury Golf Centre  | SEASON: Spring

The sun really came out on a beautiful March morning for Rebecca and Mark’s big day. Our photography started with Rebecca’s bridal preparations. Rebecca and her bridesmaids were so relaxed I almost didn’t believe it was her big day.

The bouquet was a lovely pastel arrangement that suited the day and feel perfectly. Rebecca had even written ‘I Do’ under her shoes and the words ‘Help Me’ under Mark’s without him knowing.

Rebecca and Mark had arranged gifts for each other in the morning which was a real heart warmer. Mark received a pin with a picture of his Mother on it. She had sadly passed away a few years ago and it really meant a lot to have her with him for the ceremony.

The ceremony was held on the second floor of Thornbury Golf Centre which stunning views over the course. It was really interesting to witness a ceremony entirely in sign language. Rebecca and Mark are both deaf and watching them say their vows to each other was really different. There is something very real about saying such powerful words with gestures.

After the ceremony Rebecca and Mark relaxed with their guests and a glass or two of bubbly before we had a wander down to the lake to get some couple photos. The happy couple decided to use a golf buggy to get down to the lake (which may have been Marks highlight).

It was a pleasure to photograph a couple who are always flirting and having a giggle. The evening was of course spent having a boogie and letting the good times roll.

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Rebecca & Mark’s Engagement Shoot

WHO: Rebecca & Mark | WHERE: Thornbury Golf Centre  | SEASON: Winter


It was a pleasure to meet Rebecca and Mark at Thornbury Golf club for their pre-wedding shoot. I was a little nervous as Rebecca and Mark are both deaf and communication between the photographer and the couple is of course so important. I needed not worry however as we got along really well! (my hand signals are now fantastic).

The interesting thing I noticed is that with most couples some direction may be needed as to where to look or how to hold for example. With Rebecca and Mark so much of the communication between then is physical and so the looks and lovely little flirtations were very natural. It was a glorious day of winter sunshine and gave all of us the opportunity to work out exactly what Rebecca and Mark wanted from their photography on the big day.

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Caroline & Simon’s Wedding Photography

WHO: Caroline & Simon | WHERE: Southville Centre, Bristol | SEASON: Autumn

There was something really lovely and sweet about Caroline & Simon’s day. We get to go to so many different and stunning venues that you almost start to become numb to castles, manors and palaces. The Southville Centre is certainly not that – and I think they’d be the first to say that! – but this converted primary school had a really gorgeous feel to it which passed on to every single one of the guests.

Everyone was just happy all day, and the staff were the same; better than a lot of the 5* hotels we go to anyway!

“Many thanks for the sending a link to our wedding photos – we spent a lovely evening with a glass of fizz looking through them through the TV last night.

“You captured our day perfectly with many, many beautiful and warm images. It was an absolute pleasure reliving those wonderful moments through your pictures.”

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Helen & Richard’s Wedding Photography

WHO: Helen & Richard | WHERE: Old Down Manor | SEASON: Summer

If every wedding had something that makes it stand out as a wedding photographer then this one was definitely KIDS! And then more kids! Fortunately they we’re all gorgeous and we had a load of fun with them (and the adults). Their son was especially cute, and not at all camera shy!

It was a gorgeously warm day at Old Down Manor and everyone took plenty of advantage of exploring the grounds and nearby play park. It was the first time we’d visited the venue and we’d definitely recommend it – light, airy and loads of space.

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How our couples receive their final wedding photos

How to deliver our wedding photos to our couples is always tricky one – there’s quite a lot of data to deal with and we also want to make our final contact with our happy clients as special as the rest of our service.

We think we’re getting there and We’ve just received some brand new custom printed USB sticks and presentation tins.

Wedding Photography Tins

Each drive contains full resolution images, smaller images for sharing online and instructions. Complete with the couples’ name on the front of the tin and sealed with a bow, we feel this is quite a good match of convenience (everyone has a USB slot!) whilst still being nice to receive!

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Our story

Novel Photography is run by Adam and Russell from the centre of Bristol. Despite being newcomers to the wedding photography industry, we actually have over 6 years’ experience with weddings, and this is what makes us unique.

Since graduating 6 years ago we have been involved heavily in wedding videography. We’ve been to all manner of magnificent venues, covered destination weddings and won 7 national and international awards. It’s fair to say we’re relatively successful and we still absolutely love weddings.

Wedding Ideas Awards 2012

But, whilst we’ve worked with some really great and very talented photographers along the way, the wedding photographer is (unfortunately) the one part that could be better. We’ve worked with over 200 different wedding photographers and seen some horrificly cringey ways of working and some terrible final wedding photography albums, all the while thinking that we could be doing it better.

And so we decided it was time to do exactly that – wedding photography, but better.

The funny thing is we’ve always been photographers. Both of has have studied photography and we’ve always undertaken photography commercially, with clients ranging from local councils and charities to private schools and international recruitment companies. In short we know what we’re doing when it comes to stills cameras.

Commercial Photography

Despite our experience and skill, we’re particularly excited to be starting out from the bottom again. Six years ago we would never have dreamt where we’d got to with our wedding videography business, and we’re looking forward to what the next few years may have in store for Novel Photography.

If you’d like us to be a part of our special day and join us on our journey too then please get in contact with us. We’d love to hear from you!

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Debbie & Dylan’s Wedding Photography

WHO: Debbie & Dylan | WHERE: Tortworth Court | Season: Winter

Our first wedding just had to take place in a storm! Even so with a venue like Tortworth Court, beautiful indoor spaces are in good supply.

The ceremony was held in ‘the room at the top’ and the couple had written personal vows to each other that brought a tear to most of the room. This was a really personal touch that I wish more couples did. Debbie wore a beautiful classic dress with finishing lace touches that she’d made herself (very talented).

We set the family group shots in a Gothic stone hallway that helped create interesting pictures safely away from the 80mph winds.

We hoped the weather would give us a break and we were gifted 5 mins. More than enough for us to get some lovely shots of the couple in the grounds. I am still impressed that they wanted to brave the walk on a cold February afternoon.

The Orangery at Tortworth Court is fantastic for wedding receptions with a huge glass roof that fills the room with light.

After a game of Mr & Mrs we snuck off just before the dances for a dramatic dusk shot in front of the venue.

What a great wedding and first experience for us. Debbie and Dylan are the perfect couple!

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Winter wedding photography offer

Whilst we take great photos with a huge amount of skill and expertise in weddings, the one thing we lack is quite simply quantity; we don’t have a huge amount of full wedding days to show off. It’s a pretty simple (and annoying) catch 22 situation.

Wedding Photography Winter Discount

To that end we’re offering our full wedding photography service for half price for weddings taking place before 1st April 2014. That’s just £600 for a whole day’s wedding photography plus editing and colour grading of over 400 copyright-free photos of your big day to use as you wish. And of course we can supply albums too.

If you’re interested then please contact us. Equally, if you know someone who’s getting married before 1st April 2014 who’s yet to book their photographer then please forward them our way. They won’t regret it!

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Debbie & Dylan’s Wedding Engagement

WHO: Debbie & Dylan | WHERE: Forest of Dean | Season: Autumn

Debbie and Dylan have the privilege of living right next to the Forest of Dean. The perfect place to head out for a beautiful Autumn days engagement photography shoot.

Debbie told me she was a little shy and so we wandered and chatted for a while before I began snapping. The couple are so sweet together always giggling and flirting.

We walked around the lakeside pausing every so often to grab a few shots. The colours were stunning a mesmerising mix of ochre yellow and deep reds.

After an hours strolling we were all done and Debbie and Dylan headed off for a pub roast! Not too bad at all.

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